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BISystem vous accompagne dans le choix de vos solutions et outils informatiques.

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Des solutions sur mesure adaptées à vos besoins assurant une croissance de vos revenus.

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Nous mettons à votre service notre expertise afin de vous apporter des outils d'aide à la décision.

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JSN Yoyo is equipped with very comprehensive documentation package that will help you with template utilization.

  • Configuration Manual

    This PDF document gives you detailed description of every template feature. You can print and use this document as a reference every time you want to configure your template. You also can watch our play list JoomlaShine Template Configuration.
  • Customization Manual

    This PDF document gives you easy-to-understand instruction how to customize template elements to make it suites you or your client. You also can watch our playlist JoomlaShine Template Customization.

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Technical support is available for everyone who use our products via Support Forum. Here you will find forums for FREE and PRO editions owners and get support from our support team as well as thousands of active members.

When purchasing our products you are backed up with professional and timely support, 12-hour response time is guaranteed for PRO editions owners only.

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